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Presentation of iD4CAR

The vehicle and sustainable mobility sector is at the core of tomorrow challenges.

In constant growth, it is the crossroads of three important challenges :
-  The energy transition, including the decrease of environmental footprint
-  The digital revolution, developing new form of mobility patterns
-  The industry of the future, for an innovative and connected production system

For iD4CAR and the Greater-west France territory, the vehicle and sustainable mobility sector is diverse and fast-growing.
It ranks in the top five of the automotive industry regions.
Well-known by powerful symbols such as the 24 hour of Le Mans mythic race, the Region is a pure player of the French automobile industry.
Rich of many European leaders of specific vehicles’ market, it is an essential crossroad in France.
With a strong and historical expertise on ICT and connected objects, the region is a key actor in the digital mobility sector.
Lastly, the Greater West Region represents a hundred of agricultural machinery manufacturers, and thus is the first French region of the sector.

The Greater West Region has a long-lasting history in several rapidly growing strategic sectors such as mechanic industry, electronics, ICT and more broadly vehicle industry.

Everything starts with the conception and the production, constantly visionary for always more productivity and competitiveness.

Accompanied by laboratories, renowned institutes and some techno-providers of cutting-edge technology, the 4.0 industry innovates every day.
This industry is developing thanks to new functionalities, new production modes and intelligent materials which boost innovation in light-weight vehicle.

Welcome to the Automotive Factory of the Future.

Vehicles by themselves constantly evolve, augmented with new electric, electronic and software architecture for providing better safety and more interaction.
The vehicles produced in the Region will therefore become the leaders of connected and autonomous vehicles.

Lastly, the global environment needs to adapt to the new vision of mobility, by offering innovative digital technologies responding to more and more specific use-cases.

The challenge is to offer optimized and safer travel, to facilitate and ensure the freedom of movement. Combining both the “smart city” approach and dynamic peri-urban and rural areas makes the Greater West Region a unique laboratory for the Mobility of the Future.

iD4CAR evolves on this market in perpetual innovation and is a leader at national and European levels : iD4CAR has been awarded the European “gold label” for cluster management in 2016

Born from the merger of an innovation cluster and a business association, ID4CAR’s mission is to develop the competitiveness and the growth of the vehicle and mobility industry in the Greater West region.

Around our three flagship values, we offer a continuous and personalized support to turn ideas into products.

ID4CAR is the place where the stakeholders network and operate together, reinforcing the position of the Greater West region our 4 key markets and sectors :

1. Automotive
2. Specific Vehicles
3. Agricultural machinery, OFF ROAD vehicles and mobile robotic
4. Mobility Services

Our service offer and our collaborative way of working serve the implementation of the “Innovation, Performance and Business” triple helix.

Since its creation in 2006, ID4CAR stands out with both its results-based culture and the quality of its member which constitute a strong community.

Les contacts

Isabelle DUSSUTOUR - Director for EU and International development

Tel. : +33 2 28 44 36 50 - isabelle.dussutour